Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food
Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The safety, freshness, purity, and nutrient content of our food supply should be of primary concern to us. These factors must be our main focus. Convenience, uniformity and volume should take a back seat.

We are often led to believe, due to the "reported" population explosion, that the only way to feed vast numbers of people is through industrialized agriculture. However, if allowed to continue, the Food Industrial Complex could mean the demise of civilization. Intense agriculture destroys the soil our food grows in and fills our environment with pesticides and herbicides. The quality of our soil determines the nutrient content of our food. If our soil is devoid of nutrients...from using chemical fertilizers without replenishing the soil with organic matter....our health will ....and already is....reflecting this state of impoverishment.

 When animals are crowded together on factory farms and fed food that is not what they would eat in natural surroundings, the animals become sickly. This requires that the animals be given antibiotics, to make them at least partially suitable for us to eat. However, while the chicken or beef we buy in the grocery stores may look fine, this food no longer contains the proper ratio of healthy fats and nutrients that you would find in animals fed their natural diets. For example the fat, meat and milk of grassfed cattle is extremely healthy because the animals are out in the sunshine and eating their native foods. Because they are healthy, there is no need for antibiotics... and.... hormones are rarely used by small farmers.

If this egg contamination scare is really as authentic and broad in scope as the media is declaring......the solution is NOT to pasteurize they have done with milk. For more info read "Please Pass The Mooshine"   The solution is to grow our own food.....and or support local farmers. When you raise your own food or buy most of your food locally from farmers that you know and trust, you have much more control over the quality of what you eat. Food contamination is rare when animals are raised humanely and fed their native foods. If there ever was a could be very simply contained. The problems arise when food is sent all over the country and then has to be traced. Of course government/corporations want to tag and track everything. This is the goal. It is not our safety that is motivating the killing of our food supply through pasteruization. When the food system is centralized....with more and more rules and laws.... this means much more control over the people.

This is what Lierre Keith, author of The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability  has this to say. "A colonial arrangement where the power center takes raw materials and cheap labor from the colony, destroying their local subsistence economies and their local land bases, is what we used to call "imperialism". Now we call it "globalization." No one calls it justice." I feel that Keith's book is a must read. While I don't agree with all of it, it definitely gets you to re-evaluate what we have all been led to believe concerning the food supply, what is sustainable and what isn't.

So...when you hear all the food contamination fear mongering...and perhaps overblown statistics in the media....question what you are hearing. Support local farmers and fight to prevent the increasing number of needless laws, whose real purpose is to put the local small farmers out of business. The more requirements placed on the small business person...such as pasteurization....the more equipment and money is needed. As a result our food prices have to go up or the farmer goes out of business. We are capable adults and need to take back the responsibilty for the safety of the food we consume.Food is a basic need for why give the control of it over to others. It makes no sense...except for those who are in control of the food supply and subsequently in control of our health.

I buy my beef from local farmers. When there are animal products that I want that I can't find locally then I buy from Wellness Meats, which I am affiliated with. I believe in their mission and their products.I especially love the nutrition, healthfulness and convenience of their organ sausages and salami. If you want to support farmers who raise their animals humanely and at the same time have access to pure nutritious grassfed meat, check out their site. US Wellness Meats sells quality grassland meat products - Visit us Online!

To try and summarize.....I don't trust this salmonella egg event. I feel that it has an ulterior motive attached to it. Watch for further rules and regulations, connected with this "outbreak", which will not be for the public's benefit.

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