Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food
Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Saturday, February 4, 2012


The most healthy and nutritious fermented milk products should ideally come from unpasteurized, unhomogenized, full fat, certified milk from grassfed animals who have access to pasture and sunshine.. This milk can come from cows or goats. Goat milk is purported to be easier to digest than cow's milk but many find that when cow's milk is unheated, unhomogenized, and comes from animals fed their natural diet, with no antibiotics, hormones.... or added sugar...then most people have success in the digestion department. There are also fewer problems with allergies.

Children and adults need the full cream in the milk to buffer the absorption of the milk sugar. When skim or low fat milk is consumed, ....the quicker absorption of milk sugar, due to the low or no fat, can stress the body's insulin handling abilities. Fat is also needed for the absorption of calcium and fat soluble vitamins. If we are unable to absorb many of the vitamins and minerals of a food then what is the point of consuming it?

When milk is homogenized the fat particles are broken down into very tiny unnatural particles which may play a role in milk allergy. However, if one does not have access to unhomogenized raw milk then organic, pasteurized whole milk products would be the next best choice.

Instead of starting your baby out with the sugar filled baby yogurts, try a more natural brand, such as Stoneyfield plain unsweetened yogurt. You will be surprised at how babies and toddlers will love the plain tart taste.Added sugar only defeats the purpose of the good bacteria which is found in fermented milk products

 Make sure the yogurt you choose says that it currently has live yogurt cultures. Some brands will say that they "are made with live cultures"....however, this can mean that the milk product was pasteurized after the yogurt was made with live cultures, which can mean that the good bacteria are no longer alive or active.These "good" or beneficial bacteria comprise a large portion of our immune system. Making sure our diet is full of healthy fats and fermented foods will boost our immune systems in a natural way to help ward off colds, flus and more serious disease. One way to ensure that your fermented food is brimming with these healthful organisms is to make it yourself. You can find all the equipment, cultures and directions you will need through the banners below.I haven't made my own yogurt yet but I do make kefir(drinkable yogurt) every week, which I drink plain or I make it into a shake with frozen berries and or bananas and sometimes healthy raw egg yolks from pastured hens.It is very simple to make kefir. All you have to do is acquire the culture (which can be reused forever) and put it into a jar of milk of your choice . Leave it for 24 to 48 hours at room temperature, shaking it several times. Once it jells, you place it in the fridge till ready to use. No heat required.

One of the purposes of healthy fats, calcium and other important minerals found in milk products from grassfed for the formation of healthy bone structure.Today, in modern society, crowded teeth, braces, and malfunctioning sinus cavities are all considered fairly normal. It is important to know that this growing tendency is far from normal. Well formed dental arches and sinus cavities depend on the pregnant mother having a diet rich in healthy fats (rich in vitamin K2) and minerals and it also depends on the child consuming the same healthy fats in their formative years. Below are examples of a well formed arch (horseshoe shaped) with room for all the teeth and an arch which is malformed and which forces the teeth to be crowded.


For more information on why we need Vitamin K2 from healthy fats and why we should fill our diets with live fermented foods, see the following links  The Disease Fighting Properties of Fermented Foods

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