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Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food
Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


 If you like to eat healthy, are concerned about the quality of our food supply, and leave out a food group or can now be labeled with an eating disorder called orthoexia or you would be called an orthoexic. The Guardian has actually written an article  about this and you are not going to believe least I hope you won't believe it. It must be a joke.

Perhaps there are extremes and some people may APPEAR to be OVERconcerned about their diet. However, in my experience it's those people who are suffering more than others, due to an overprocessed diet in the past, who are the ones who need to be more careful about the chemicals and over processed foods they eat. In other words... they have been the most injured and are the canaries in the coal mine.

Often our immune systems and our glands ,which produce our hormones, are compromised by an over processed diet full of pesticides, additives and other chemicals. When our immune systems are not working properly, our bodies become further compromised by an increasing number of infections. All of these stresses added together make a person very sick. A psychiatrist or other doctor  observes this type of person and if this person has recently awakened to the causes of his weakened condition......and has begun to eliminate the foods that are stressing his system......he may appear to the doctor to be sick BECAUSE he is eliminating all of the foods that seem normal to many others. The doctor who thinks that processed foods are normal will then most likely believe the prevailing dogma that a person who is extra careful about the foods they eat....must now have a psychiatric condition.  However, in reality, perhaps he just hasn't recovered yet or his immune system is so damaged that it will be very difficult for him to recover...even with improved diet.

The Agricultural Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex would like to encourage the idea that anyone who is very concerned about our deteriorating food supply, now has a mental condition. This mindset of labeling anyone with ideas that are different from the "norm" as psychiatrically unsound....and probably in need of psychiatric drugs, is very dangerous indeed. All one needs to do is to read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration to
see how processed foods have had disastrous health effects on recent generations brought up on the processed foods. Industry wants to hide this fact from view and to continue to profit off of physical and mental disease. This book also shows how our poor diets can create the psychopathic personality which tends to take advantage of others and that wants power and control. A healthy well fed mind is much less likely to think in this manner.Perhaps traditional unprocessed foods would create a world that is more gentle. Weston Price, the author of the above book, observed that in the outlying areas where the people ate their native unprocessed foods, people were happy and healthy. They had no need for doctors because people were rarely sick and ...what is most interesting to me is that they had no need for jails because there was no crime. However, I don't think that modern doctors have to worry about a lack of patients due to people improving their diets. It will take more than their lifetime to reverse the damage modern processed foods have wrought.

We musn't listen to the sort of nonsense written up in The Guardian article linked above. I am not exaggerating when I say that if we do not begin to eat the way we are meant to, the future of mankind is at risk. Another book which demonstrates the importance of a natural unprocessed Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition Learning how the cats in these studies were affected by an unnatural diet for
their species......shows us that we need to go back to eating natural unprocessed foods, prepared with more traditional methods. This does not mean that we need to eat everything raw...such as in the cat study. Cats have different requirements than we do. However, we do need to eat some foods raw and the rest should be minimally processed.

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