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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What do the U.N., the Law of Sea Convention(LOS), mind control, weather warfare, the movie Happy Feet, the oil spill, Global Warming with melting polar icecaps, and the access of the global elite to the earth's resources....all have in common? I am going to try and give a very simple overview of what I think is taking place. I am not well versed in international politics, the economy, nor am I a I am just going to lay out some of the apparent connections here and then we must all go do our homework to try and fit the pieces together a bit more neatly.

For me, this bizarre journey of I guess what you would call "discovery", first began with Lyme disease and then for some reason Gorbachev was brought to my attention. The following was the first article I ever wrote and ever since events and new developments have led back to it......"Keep An Eye On Gorbachev"

Gorbachev felt that The New World Order rested on the foundation of environmentalism. Many people feel that the environment is being used to create fear and final submission to world govenment. With this concept in mind, let's take a look at some of the disasters that have been taking place. Most people are aware that our weather has become much more chaotic, severe and all types of storms, earthquakes and volcanoes have been hitting us in rapid fire succession. These events are not occurring in what one would call a natural time sequence. It has a totally artifical, orchestrated feel to it. There is much soft mind control or propagnada being issued by different facets of the media. Controlled opposition plays a role here. In other words.....even what appears to be "Alternative" news that is supposed to be exposing or enlightening actually all part of their plan to confuse and get the people to beg for a solution which is actually the goal of the Elite ....who want power and control. One group will tell us that all the chaos is Mother Earth revolting against our misuse of nature's resources. Another facet will be telling us that it is the Apocalpse coming to fruition. The truth as I see it, is that technology has secretly been developed to a point where many of these natural disasters can be and are being caused my man...through this technology. In the following article, I included a newspaper article from N.C in the 1980s. It speaks of tetonic weapons and how the Russians were thinking of melting the polar icecaps so they could access enormous untapped resources. Evidently we do have the technology...but of course the public is not being informed of this. Instead we are being told that the only possible reason for the melting of the global warming.

I was going to post a link to the next article I would like you to read but cannot find the link so I will have to post the whole thing  here. A friend told me to watch the movie Happy Feet because she was apalled at the messages she thought it contained. After watching it in an alerted state of mind, this is what I saw.


Posted By: Daystar

Date: Saturday, 19 May 2007, 8:02 a.m.

We've all heard about Disney and their subliminal messages. I never paid much attention to all the fuss...until now that is. A friend recently rented the Movie Happy Feet and was very shocked and disturbed concerning what was being promoted as a children's movie. She told me that I needed to watch it.

I did rent the movie and had to watch it try and sift through the multiple messages being put forth. After watching it twice, with a critical eye, I had much to research .

Let's begin with the general mood of the film. I thought it was generally a dark movie with the usual blatant sexual innuendoes. I did not think it was written well and it seemed that the main purpose was to fit in as many subliminals as possible.

I'll begin with the names of the characters....which when researched, revealed alot. The movie begins with a penguin family. The mother penguin's name is Norma Jean. Why would anyone pick that for a name of a penguin? She even had Marilyn Monroe's voice. The father penguin's name was Memphis. The father had a penguin friend whose name was Maurice. The guru or mystical advisor of the penguin clan was Lovelace (it was a male penguin). The baby penguin, who was the outcast/tap dancer, had the name of Mumble. That was the only name that I really couldn't fit in to the theme of mind control. When Mumble grew up, his girlfriend's name was Gloria

The plot of the movie was also an environmental message. The penguins were running out of fish and there were rumors that the "aliens" were stealing all the fish. Another strong message was concerned with mating and how to lure the female penguins.

When Mumble was born to Norma Jean and Memphis, he didn't sing like the other penguins...he tapped danced and was ostracized for this. As Mumble was growing up he had to take singing lessons like the rest of the young penguins. He had a terrible singing voice. The penguin's singing instructor was badgering Mumble to sing and kept yelling and screaming at Mumble as he tried miserably to sing like the others. Finally after Mumble had been screamed at enough, he sang the first stanza of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It was almost as if he had been worn down into submission.

Now, I'm going to back up and go over the names of the characters and what I feel are the connections to mind control.

Norma Jean was supposedly a mind controlled sex was Elvis Presley. In the beginning of the movie, Memphis, the father of Mumble, sang Heartbreak Hotel. It seems to me that Memphis and Heartbreak Hotel add up to "Elvis". In my research I also came across references to Elvis and the Memphis Mafia.

The Lovelace character was a fat male penguin whom the other penguins went to for advice. I couldn't understand why the producers would pick such a name for a male penguin, so I looked up Linda Lovelace. Sure enough , she had been another "actress" who had been submitted to torture and mind control. In one scene Lovelace announces to all the millions of penguins that it's mating season.Mystic Beings supposedly speak through Lovelace. Then everyone cheers and as Lovelace is carried off he says something to the effect of "Off I go to my couch of perpetual indulgence, ladies.He also says...ladies , avert your eyes....because I have been known to hypnotize. Two of the songs featured such lines as "I just need your body baby" and "need your body from dusk till dawn...let's talk about eggs...about you and me."

One part of the movie showed a wooden pinnochio slowly drifting by underwater. This scene seemed to have no obvious relevance to the movie. Any ideas on what that could mean? I was thinking it could be that they were inferring we were all puppets....or perhaps Pinnochio is a code word?

I thought it would be a good idea to look up all the character's names, in relation to mind control. The next one I looked up was Maurice and Mind control. Maurice Strong's name came up and the website claimed that Maurice Strong (who promotes himself as an extreme environmentalist)is or was heavily involved with mind control activities.

The alien theme also kept popping up and it was stressed very heavily that it was Aliens who were stealing the fish.

When Mumble grew up , he fell in love with Gloria. I thought to myself there's gotta also be a connection with this name. In my search I immediately came across Gloria Naylor who wrote a book about her being mind controlled.

Then at some point in the movie , we have Frank Sinatra singing, "Do it my way". I looked up Frank Sinatra and mind control and different sites were saying that he was a handler..

The Penguins were all singing together "In My Room , by the Beach Boys. I wonder if Brian Wilson was the one who wrote the lyrics? Some say he was mind controlled and had a handler.

I almost forgot the underwater chemtrails. Watch the movie and you'll see what I mean.

When Mumble, the tap dancing penguin was banished from the other penguins because he was so odd, he traveled far and wide to find the aliens who were stealing the fish. Suddenly you see Mumble in a zoo with fake artic scenery all around him. Everytime he tries to walk through the scenery, he is jolted and bounces backwards. He tries communicating with the other penguins but they just didn't seem to care anymore.

Mumble begins to look very sad and dejected. You see Mumble, along with the others, looking very spaced out, while the narrator says...."and after three months he all but lost his mind." After a bit Mumble sees a young girl tapping on the glass of his zoo home. That starts him tapping his feet again. This makes him happy because the girl enjoys his tap dancing and brings everyone else around to see. Mumble sees that this pleases the aliens (it turned out that humans were the aliens). What's that message all about? It could have a couple different meanings.

The scene switches back to the penguins in the artic. Mumble comes up over the horizon and tries to tell all the penguins that he found the aliens and that it was them who were taking their fish. As Mumble turns around the other penguins notice that he has a big electronic box with an antennae on his back. Lights on this tracking device were flashing. The penguins asked what it was and Mumble's so the aliens can find us and come help. We then hear his tracking device sounding off and watch as a huge helicopter rises over an ice mountain. Aliens (people) get out of the helicopter and then there is silence. Mumble is told by some of the penguins that he better start tap dancing. When he does, this gets the people from the helicopter dancing. The message seemed to be that if we "Do It Their Way" and tap dance for them (get it, tap dance?)things will work out and the aliens will help us.

The aliens proclaimed a complete ban on all marine harvesting. Does this mean that the penguins have plenty of food but the aliens don't...or won't?

The main messages were extreme environmentalism, sex and mind control.Included on the soundtrack were songs which stressed sex. Disney tells us that the theme is all about being true to yourself and being who you really are. Mumble supposedly realized that it was good for him to tap dance and be who he really was. Oh yes, near the end all the penguins were dancing, chanting(menacingly) and singing, with the UN insignia in the background.

The following quote is from the website at the link below. 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review Endorsement of U.S. Accession to Law Of Sea Convention. Does this have anything to do with the recent supposed oil spill environmental disaster? Was the spill orchestrated and controlled for some sort of economic purposes and future rights or ownership of the area...either by the U.N or other related Elite organizations/corporations. Are the melting of the icecaps intentional for the purpose of accessing what was once inaccessible resources? Here is the quote. Go to the link for full paper . This quote is under " Artic Maritime Opportunities" " For starters, the retreating ice is creating more effective shipping shortcuts like the Northeast passage over Russia that opened to commercial navigation for the first time this past summer. This sea change is also yielding access to an estimated quarter of the world's remaining hydrocarbon reserves......READ MORE AT LINK

So.....are they intentionally melting the icecaps, taking advantage of the resources and then blaming it on global warming to cover their crimes?

Is it the same type of tactic being used with the oil spill? Is it orchestrated and controlled (no real lasting damage and easy to clean up) so that the area will provide the rulers of eventual world government total access to this very rich natural resource? Whoever has control of the food has control of the people.

If you haven't already read..."What's The Real Oil Spill Story"...check it out here
Does the Law Of Sea Convention have anything to do with the oil spill?
So while British Petroleum is being demonized...I have a feeling they are part of this whole plan and somehow they will be playing a backdoor role in this control of our resources. I'm sure there are many more connections that I haven't included and I'd like to hear from any of you with your thoughts and ideas.


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