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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Over the past year we have have experienced two major environmental catastrophes. The first disaster was the  BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the second major disaster was the tsunami and the nuclear power plant problems in Japan. Both of these events center around water......our most precious natural resource.  For a number of years now the rumor has been that the globalists want to own the food supply and the water supply. If the U.N and or other global entities can gain control of these "Life Essentials" then they will have total control of the people. We can see evidence all around us of progress towards this goal. We have Monsanto and their GM terminator seeds and under the guise of "protecting the public", governments are making it more and more difficult for the small farmer to survive. We already have municipal water supplies where chlorine, fluoride and who knows what being added to our drinking water.

Can you imagine the negative ramifications of having to pay for every drop of water used? The horrifying possibilities are just stunning. If you were part of a global think tank that wanted to own the water supply, how would you go about convincing a very reluctant public to go along with your plan? I would think that one way to do this would be to scare the people into thinking the water supply was contaminated...whether it was the ocean water and or whether it was the water that we drink and water our crops with. We could be conditioned to think that the U.N needs to pass laws to regulate the water use of the different nations and taxes could be levied to pay for this supposed protection and filtration. Maybe other laws would be passed to make it illegal to drink well water due to supposed radiation or other contamination. Here is an older article from Natural News
which talks about the Water Restoration Act  . Many fear that this act will severely limit our freedoms. Below is a link to this bill which is labeled Senate Bill S.787 - Clean Water Restoration Act - A Bill to amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to clarify the jurisdiction of the United States over the waters of the United States." From what I can tell by looking at this link ...... the latest action on this Bill was Dec. 10, 2010 . This says to me that the parties behind this Bill are still trying to push it forward into Law. If I was an entity trying to gain acceptance from the public for the purpose of passing this Bill, and if I had no conscience and only cared about money...then perhaps I would use the latest modern technology (weather and tectonic  warfare,along with disaster staging, maybe some fabrication and extensive media coverage) to persuade the public into believing we need a change. If the situation was horrible enough the public might be convinced that because corporations (such as those that own nuclear power plants) are seriously polluting our water, then we desperately need this Bill which would give total power and control of the water supply to the government. However, what they might not tell us is that the corporations ARE the government. They have become one and the same and we are now living in a corporate dictatorship. So don't believe anyone who tells you that we need more government control over certain issues (healthcare included) because the corporations are taking advantage of us. Again, the government is so heavily influenced and infiltrated by the corporations that they are now currently meshed.

Now....I don't want you to think that I am against clean water. I am very concerned about this issue.However, if my line of thinking is correct .....the very entities who supposedly care about the environment, may be the ones who are actually damaging it by creating pollution through artificial earthquakes, hurricanes, and perhaps intentionally created oil spills which may then have been exaggerated. The Law of the Sea Treaty and The Water Restoration Act are still looking for approval...but in order to get this approval they may have to use information warfare on the public to frighten the people into acceptance. If they frighten us thoroughly enough they may even get us to beg for what appears to be our idea but will really be their solution.

I feel it is possible to clean up our polluted earth through REAL education. If governments really cared about the people and the earth instead of control and profits, they would encourage the small farmer to farm sustainably. There would be massive campaigns for all homeowners to grow ORGANIC food on their property instead of useless grass. They would encourage organic farming instead of the overuse of chemical fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides. The government would encourage the small farmer to sell healthy raw milk from grassfed cows. We would be taught how to use mushrooms/fungus to keep the waters clean and free from animal manures....etc. However, the laws they want to pass take responsibility and freedoms AWAY from the people and makes us more dependent on the government.....which is the way they want it.

So....when you hear the news media shouting everywhere that the nuclear power plant in Japna is melting down in Japan and the radiation will effect everyone....or that water in a certain area is contaminated....just keep this blog post in mind. I am not absolutely sure that the nuclear meltdown scenario is over exaggerated and controlled but we really need to keep this in the back of our minds. Or when other possibly orchestrated disasters occur....remember videos can be faked and witnesses can be hired and information warfare is VERY effective. Events are occurring much too quickly in an artificial time sequence which seems very apparent to me. I believe it is not God or "Mother Earth" punishing or revolting but that it is the creation of chaos to form what the elite feel is "Order". Order out of chaos is their mantra.

To sum things up, we need to realize the possibility that controlled opposition may be using information warfare. One of the tactics of information warfare is to control the information coming from BOTH sides. The world financiers control the mainstream media and they also heavily infiltrate the ALTERNATIVE media. This whole disaster in Japan feels like a setup to me....from beginning to end. I suspect that the earthquakes were caused intentionally and that MAYBE the supposed dangers at the nuclear power plant are also orchestrated and controlled. The world financiers are not stupid. If  for whatever reasons they did cause the eathquake and tsunami with tectonic weaponry, I would think that they would take precautions at the nuclear power plant to prevent disaster that would destroy forever the land and water which they also need to survive. Check out another post which speaks to Agenda 21 and another reason they could be orchestrating both sides of the media output concerning this disaster .

 Radiation is invisible. We are being frightened into thinking that massive radiation will basically contaminate the whole planet. This is a possibility but it is also a possibility that those who own the airwaves and cyberspace are controlling most information that reaches us. They play on our vanity. This is an example of how controlled opposition works. The mainstream media puts out partial information or even basically accurate information. Then ,because the public does not trust the mainstream media, the controllers also use the alternative media. In this case it may be that they are using their controlled opposition to play the other side saying "the mainstream is lying to us.......the world is being polluted and they are covering it up" . I have observed that those who rant and rave and get people all riled up, angry and fearful......similar to pentacostal fire and brimstone preachers.... usually have an agenda. The object of this type of information warfare is to get the people to feel they are more awake than the so called "sheeple" and that they know the real agenda and are fully informed. We know that controlled opposition does tell us partial truths and that is their main method of it is our job to unravel the truths from the distortions and diversions and in order to do this we need to consider all possibilities.

When myself and others have brought up the idea that to some extent at least...those in control want the best for themselves...a clean pure environment and nontoxic food.....a common response to this point is....."that the controllers are aliens and the toxins that harm us don't harm them and besides...they are going to live underground anyway. I don't buy that explanation. I feel that the whole alien hubbub is also controlled opposition. That's not to say that there is absoltely no other life in the universe. We can never rule that out. However, I feel information warfare is also being used on us concerning the subject of Aliens. I think it is another piece of the manipulation.

People need to study controlled opposition, information warfare...etc. When we understand the tactics being used on us, we won't have to depend on talk show hosts to inform us as to what is really going on. I know that in the Lyme disease community, I have been banned from a couple of lyme activism email lists simply for directing people to the controlled opposition tactics being used on us.That really brought home to me the reality and pervasiveness of controlled opposition.

I wish that I knew of an honest book on this subject to recommend but I have gained most of my insights into this subject by researching here and there on the internet. I have collected a few posts on this subject at
So.....while I could be totally off base with the ideas in this post, please consider them and keep them in mind as we watch the news unfold, bills passed....etc.


Whether or not radiation is escaping in Japan, there are three whole food substances that I am using to support my immune system and to protect against radioactivity. You can buy forms of these natural foods in the health food store but I like to buy in bulk from a reputable herb wholesaler that I am affiliated with. I have always been happy with their products, their service and their ideals. An alternative to buying these products is to grow and or harvest/forage your own. This can be a healthy, fun and self reliant way to live. I do a combination of growing, foraging and buying.
Seaweed contains high amounts of essential minerals. It helps to detoxify the body and can help to protect against radiation...whether that radiation is in the environment or from medical diagnostic tests. Different types can be found at the following link.I mainly use kelp powder as a seasoning and dulse flakes I add to soups, stews,salads, scrambled eggs, stirfrys, pilafs, cheesy rice dishes...etc.

Nettles can be added to soups, other dishes and what I like to do the most is to make a green tonic out of them.You can grow your own patch. They are extremely nutritious and have a mild taste. Mountain Rose Herbs is currently out of them but more should be available in the spring when nettles spring up in nature. Here is an article I wrote about their exceptional qualities

Medicinal Mushrooms these can be foraged in the wild, some can be cultivated inside or outside. Some of them can be bought fresh in the grocery stores and a larger variety can be bought dried in bulk. Research and indigenous traditions show that this natural food is extremely potent in supporting the immune system and protecting against radiation.Mushrooms can be helpful for allergies also. Read more here


  1. Wonderful article, Thank you so much.
    I take only one issue, that of using mushrooms of ANY kind, for any purpose at all.
    Please reflect deeply on the problem of using a different kingdom from the vegetable one, and understand that this non-differantiating, that is spores, kingdom is contrary to the vegetable photosynthesis process. After all the saying exists that treat them like mushrooms- 'Keep them in the dark and feed them sh*t.' With a little inductive logic it will become obvious.

  2. I'm not sure exactly what you are saying...could you be a bit more clear? There is much research which shows that medicinal mushrooms are very helpful to humans and to the planet. They do absorb toxins however so it is wise not to gather them from polluted areas

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