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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Most thinking people realize that the media...both mainstream and much of the alternative media is controlled by corporations/governments.We cannot simply believe either side of the media because of this "controlled opposition". So...what do we do then? We question........AND if anyone tries to make it look as if this questioning is "off limits" or that the questioners are traitors then the logical thing to do is to question the motives of those who say we should not question. Logical thinking people do not just believe what they are told. They want evidence. Where is the evidence for the common person to determine whether or not radiation is travelling all over the world from Fukushima?Its pretty conveinent that radiation is invisible. We are told that geiger counters, which the public own ,are not specific or strong enough to measure the type of radiation supposedly being spewed forth from Fukushima. That should be a red flag right there.

If there are justifiable questions as to the legitimacy of the media radiation scare, then we also need to look at possible motives for possible deception surrounding this issue. Check out the article below this one or at this link for one potential motive. The alternative media  is acting like controlled opposition by playing up on the idea that radiation is leaking  and spreading all over the world. If the alternative media was sincere, contemplative and questioning...they would also be presenting the opposing idea that the radiation scare could be a scam. They would be putting it all together with the probability  that tectonic weapons were used to accomplish whatever goal and that those who caused the disaster also would most likely have made sure that the power plant was "prepared" ahead of time to withstand whatever might have been orchestrated. Remember....Gorbachev was quoted as saying " The environmental crisis is the cornerstone of the New World Order."

The two videos below pose very pertinent questions that need to be asked concerning the whole Japanese disaster and the resulting claimed radiation leakage. Where is our direct evidence? Are we to just believe what we are told? If huge numbers of people begin to get sick, we should not automatically think that it is from radiation.There are other less polluting ways to make people sick to make them believe it is from radiation. I want to make it clear that I am not entirely negating the idea that radiation is leaking from Fukushima, however, we absolutely need to question the TV "PROGRAMMING" which has also taken over the internet to a large degree. When You hear the alternative news blasting radiation scare news...ask yourself if they are also presenting the possibilities we are speaking of here? None of us can be absolutely sure of what is actually happening so even those in the alternative media cannot credibly state with certainty that radiation is spreading everywhere.

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  1. Yes, the ONLY way for a person to know if he or she is being subject to radiation is to get a geiger counter (with a real geiger-mueller tube) and test the tap water, milk, cheese, produce, etc. Where the radiation might actually be coming from, however, an individual can't know.

    Over the years, people have become "accustomed" to chemtrails, but the real danger of chemtrails is NOW. Chemtrails have been established in the minds of populations as seemingly innocuous, but all that is now needed (as has stated) is for them to change what is in the airplanes' tanks. This would allow calculated surgical strikes on chosen areas and population groups, and have, meanwhile the plausible deniability of the radiation having come from Fukushima, and not these govn planes doing the spraying.

    For twenty years or more, we've heard from an endless series of crazy SOB's about over-population, and population "reduction". Well, we're looking at it now, big time. But it would be a great mistake to just narrowly assume any radiation that is found is coming from Fukushima. With psychotic "population reductionists" running the show, and wanting only a controllable 500 million people on the planet, it would be foolish not to consider that chemtrails have been established (over time) as a vehicle and means to be used when a Fukushima-like situation would divert attention and provide plausible deniability.

    Once again: the danger of these chemtrails is that they can NOW be a ready vehicle for delivery of harmful substances on selected population groups or geographic areas, and no one will be the wiser.

    This Fukushima/radiation doomsday scenario (of just letting reactors meltdown without spraying liquid nitrogen on them and/or containing them with boron/sodium bicarbonate) has an undefinable fishy odor to it, and is not altogether believable. A person would be unwise to stay in a geographic area where, by himself, he finds radioactivity, and where there is targeted chemtrail spraying which may, in fact, be delivering that radioactivity.