Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food
Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I think that the video above neatly and quickly summarizes what is really behind the "environmental movement/sustainability propaganda. While there are many earnest and sincere people out there who are concerned about the environment and doing good work to help protect it, those who are at the top of this movement are really more concerned about profit and control. Many are observing that our rapid fire weather disasters seem to occur in areas that are projected by the U.N Diversity Map to be rewilded. Rewilding means cordoning off large areas and corridors of the country and setting them aside as wildlife preserves....owned by the government or U.N. The people of course have to be moved out.  The tactics being used to move them out are higher taxes and other fees to be paid to Govt/U.N.,possibly wildfires, supersonic tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes, etc. In some circumstances , such as in Nevada, involving the Bundy Farm, environmental excuses are made. Weather warfare technology has become very advanced.

The following 2 map shows the future United Nations Biodiveristy plans for rewilding the United States. Notice the projected rewilding areas in Florida and then check out the 3rd image below this one and compare the two images of Florida. The third image is a Florida wildfire map . It looks like the wildfire map of Florida is similar to the projected rewilding map of Florida. New Age thought conveniently spouts that the end justifies the means. Well...I was always taught what I feel makes more sense...."An evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit" "By their fruits ye shall know them"

I think it will be interesting to observe whether there will be some sort of extreme weather conditions in the future in the area of Nevada where the Bundy Farm is...or whatever other methods may be employed to drive him out of business and off the land. We need our private farmers who care about the quality of the food they raise and the health and happiness of the animal. More individuals need to raise at least part of their own food. By systematically doing away with the small farmer in all areas of our country, the government/U.N is working against "sustainability" through many avenues. They are possibly creating artificial disasters which ruin the land and then blame it on Global Warming, factory farming of our food decreases the health of the land, the people and the animals, transporting food from isolated factory farms to areas of the United States is a very energy wasting practice. We are told that grazing animals are unsustainable but yet we let the buffalo roam. We need manure from the animals on a farm to rejuvenate the soil which in turn rejuvenates us.

We are being fed a bunch of malarkey concerning what is sustainable and what is not. Do you see them promoting individuals to raise what they can in their yards or are we sometimes punished or prevented from doing so due to zoning laws. Lawns create a waste of space ...especially when they are sprayed to keep away healthy nourishing plants/weeds that would otherwise grow there. I'm getting a bit off track here but I am trying to wind up this post by  sharing with the true conservationists that most of us do care about the environment...especially on our private land. I believe we are being lied to as to the true purpose of rewilding and containing humans into stackem and packem human settlements. In order to be truly healthy in mind, body and spirit, humans need to interact wholesomely with the land....which supports them and nourishes them. We cannot do that if we are all cordoned off from nature and are only allowed to go visit it on weekends. Healthy natural environments and interacting with the land creates healthy people and healthy mindsets... who in turn want to take care of the land.

I believe that Kansas and Missouri and the other states which have been repeatedly hit by frankenstorm tornadoes, are being punished for not going along with Agenda 21. Each of these states had bills passed or bills are currently going through Congress which  were/are for the purpose of separating them from Agenda 21. Look up each affected state name in conjunction with Agenda 21 and see if you don't find consistent connections.

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