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Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food
Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Thursday, November 7, 2013


The first question we need to ask is....what drives the nutrition advice taught to doctors and the public through the Department of Agriculture and other governmant agencies? Are nutritional guidelines determined out of our corporate government's concern and love for the masses or do these guidelines further the profit margin and other political goals? Are the movies, such as Forks Over Knives, unbiased and accurate or are they misrepresenting "studies" and conditioning the public to a diet that in the LONG RUN weakens the body?

For example.....the main idea pushed in the movie "Forks Over Knives" was the implementation of complete veganism...which included no fat, no animal protein or animal products. This means no butter, no eggs, cheese, meat, fish and some people even cross honey off the list because it was made by an insect. The glaring flaw in this movie was the unscientific testimonies represented as an informal study. These testimonies formed the basis of the film's take on what a healthy diet should be. People were asked to give up all junk foods and all animal products. Many people reported amazing benefits on this diet.

First of all, most people will improve after giving up junk food. That step is a no brainer. Additionally, a diet composed of only vegetable food can be very cleanisng for the short term, can help you lose weight and possibly heal certain problems. My contention with the film's advice  is...that the strong impression was given that this type of diet is also good for the long term. How do we know whether the improvements people experienced were tied to the elimination of junk food or to the elimination of animal products? Many ex vegans are reporting ill health and weakened bones when on a long term vegan diet and have switched back to more ancestral diets which include fat and animal products. There was no mention in this movie about the healthy quality of animal fats when the animals were grass fed or wild caught. This was also a glaring omission.

The diet which is being increasingly recommended  or promoted is a low or NO fat diet along with high carbohydrate intake. This advice is extremely contrary to what the human body really needs to function optimally. We have been conditoned to think that eating fat...especially saturated fat ...causes the body to be fat and that it clogs arteries and causes heart attacks, cancer and more. Nothing could be further from the truth. For years now grains and other carbs have comprised the foundation of the Food Pyramid. What has been the result........ a runaway diabetes epidemic, Alzheimers (now considered to be a Type 3 Diabetes) and many other neurodegenerative diseases. The fact that many of our grains have been genetically engineered  adds more danger to a diet so heavily concentrated on grains. To better understand the politics and health issues surrounding this subject, I highly recommend the books... The Vegetarian Myth and Beyond Broccoli. Vegetables are also highly recommended in these books but not to the exclusion of natural animal products. We need a well rounded diet and veganism is a very restrictive unbalanced diet. extreme fad diet.

I love watching my free range chickens graze around the yard. They eat a variety of different foods. They will nibble some herbs from the garden, then some kale and grass...but then of course their protein comes from worms and bugs. Even when I put a treat out for them, they only eat so much of it before moving on to various other plants. In other words they don't gorge on one thing. That has been kind of a lesson to me.

Our brains and cells need saturated fats to function properly. Our brains are largely composed of cholesterol. Our nerves and cells are protected by cholesterol. Our body even makes some cholesterol. Remember the old sayings......"Living off the fat of the land" and "bringing home the bacon"? Our ancestors were much sturdier and healthier than we are and many lived into old age without degenerative disease.Many would eat plain butter on wholesome bread and thrive on it. Perhaps more people died from acute infections but their overall quality of life was much better than ours if and when they ate unprocessed foods. So...I believe ...and history validates... that we need high fat diets with moderate protein from naturally fed animals, few if any grains, NO JUNK PROCESSED foods, and raw milk products (if tolerated) from grass fed animals. We should also include many raw and cooked organically grown vegetables. Contrary to more recent advice to eat everything raw....some vegetables need to be cooked or fermented to inactivate certain plant toxins naturally present in the food. Here is a great article by the legendary Beatrice Trum Hunter which speaks unbiasedly about what foods we should and shouldn't eat raw.

Below is a recent article which reports that Sweden has officially rejected low fat high carb diets.
Another major point in favor of higher fat diets (not manmade or overheated fats) is that in order for certain vitamins and minerals to be absorbed from the vegetables we eat.....fat needs to be added. The idea of putting butter on vegetables is not just for improving taste but it is essential in order for our bodies to absorb certain nutrients. Our ancestors were amazingly more aware of what our bodies really need...and all without chemistry labs, official studies and drug companies.

Please take time to watch the videos below which explain why low fat high carb diets are dangerous.

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