Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food
Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Monday, February 11, 2013

Will Government Soon Require Garden Registration?

Some people may think that the person narrating the video below is being a bit paranoid. Unfortunately, I tend to agree with his concerns. It is becoming more and more apparent that events and circumstances are being manipulated to force the population to become more tied to and dependant on the governmental system..... which is being increasingly controlled by the world banking cartel. We are no longer an independently ruled nation...even though the mainstream media likes to still give us this impression.

Think about all of the pieces that are coming together to form the puzzle of totalitarian government. We are rapidly approaching the point of almost total surveillance. There are cameras and TVs everywhere. We have mobile phones and other electronics that are connected to the global positioning system. Most phones are registered to a plan so the identity of that phone owner is known. There are tracking devices in the phones. I have a friend who worked for Verizon who confirmed that. I guess it's no secret....but why then is everyone so complacent about this? Why isn't everyone concerned about being tracked and perhaps monitored at some point? I've heard many people say....well I'm not doing anything wrong....why should I worry about being tracked? Unbelievably we can even be watched or photographed from the sky! It is so bizarre that people are not opposed to this. Is it because of the cool advantages we gain through this invasive technology?

The point is there may be a time coming when raising backyard chickens or a vegetable garden may be either off limits or gardens may have to be registered so that we will either be obligated to pay heavy taxes on our food we grow or a portion will have to be handed over to the government under false pretenses. Please see the video below which appears to be the beginning of a progression to the control I just spoke of.

The puzzle pieces are...... heavy surveillance already in place, increased false flag terrorism events, orchestrated school shootings (gun recall), social networks , such as Facebook and Twitter which ask us what we are doing and to share it with the world, increased weather disasters which appear to be orchestrated, financial meltdown to weaken a country for complete takeover, making food more scarce due to the possibly orchestrated weather disasters, destabilizing the family and creating rifts between the generations, pitting people against each other with fake political parties , making people afraid to voice their opinions for fear of rejection or being labeled as a traitor, and.....demoralizing and sickening the people of our country through drugs (pharmaceutical and illegal) and debased sexual displays. Satanism is being glorified through rock music. The tendency is to try and separate us from everything that is pure and good.

So...maybe we had ought to rethink about revealing our private activities on social media. Notice how they are gradually doing away with the post office. If this happens all people will eventually be forced to use the computer which definitely has the potential to be totally monitored. Credit cards may totally replace cash...then everything we spend money on can be tracked. What about microchips? What's the future with that? If we go along unquestioningly with all of this, we will only have ourselves to blame. So...don't be afraid to speak up. Tell others about your concerns in a calm and rational way, with printed handouts ( we need to go back to hard copies) of  information that can back up your statements.

More and more restrictions are being placed upon us and it is not for "our own good" like they try to make it appear.. The current turmoil the world is facing is orchestrated and carefully choreographed. Watch how our weather disasters are blamed on global warming or climate change and observe how the storms come in rapid fire sequence to destabilize and wear down. This is not a pleasant subject and I don't enjoy creating fear in myself and others ....however, if we are blinded to the truth then we become easy pickins. Who was it that said..."Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free? I take this to mean spiritual and material truths. We need to wake up and be watchful!

As you can see I diverged from the main topic of gardens...but it all ties together and we need to see the broader picture. If we have open minds and hearts we can band together to destabilize the negative forces. Listen to the video below to see how this pattern is emerging.

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