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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Mommy Gene: Eugenics Reclothed?

This morning on the news the newscasters were reporting on studies done at Rockefeller University, concerning what looks like a gene that makes mothers more naturally fit to be mothers. I wasn't surprised when the announcers stated that these studies were performed at Rockefeller University. The Rockefellers are widely known for their interest and work in the field of eugenics. Deciding who is and is not fit to be a mother and perhaps restricting certain women from having children is obviously part of the eugenics movement. Of course the term eugenics was not used on the news. It is not a socially accpetable term ....for clear reasons.

The Mommy Gene news was presented in a way that does address a serious issue....dysfunctional and abused children in our society. The information was hinting at the idea that mothers would want to be tested for this gene to be able to decide whether or not they should have children. After all...don't we want children to be loved and cared for?

There may be some sincere researchers involved with these studies who want to help mankind....society... to be happier and healthier, however, I really think that the main goal of these studies is more in line with the ideas presented in A Brave New World and the book "1984" by George Orwell.

I would highly recommend that any sincere researcher read the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr.Weston Price. Diet can form our genetic heritage and Dr. Price shows irrefutable evidence that people who ate their native natural diets were healthy, well formed, well adjusted....and happy. Those who lived near the trading posts and in the cities were exposed to the industrialized foods and became malformed through poor parental nutrition and their own diets. Crime becomes prolific and people's brains just don't work properly, immunity suffers and skeletal malformations are widespread. Instead of creating the potential for people to be classified as adequate or not adequate for having children maybe we should take a much closer look at what primitive people ate, how they prepared their foods and why. Our modern research is based on profit and control. Before science and technology, people knew...through trial and error...what foods they needed to eat...and even more importantly how to prepare these foods to make nutrients available and to minimize natural toxic elements in certain foods. In order to survive, reproduce and have healthy happy children...they knew their diet had to be a priority.

So...instead of moving further into a scientific, robotic and controlled society, where our freedoms become more and more restricted, maybe we should turn back to the wisdom of our ancestors where the good of the whole is considered but only first by being concerned with the good of the individual!

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