Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food
Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Friday, August 12, 2011


The centralized food distribution system that we are currently experiencing is the farthest reach from a healthy, natural and ecological way of life. Why are we depending more and more on the large corporations to grow our food for us? Why are we being conditioned to think that we don't have the time to grow at least some of our own food and that planting seeds, watching them grow, harvesting and cooking our own food is drudgery? We have been trained to think that instead of experiencing the joy of interacting with nature...that we need to have more time available to watch TV... which is further brainwashing us to accept the status quo. Why is the small farmer being run out of business by too many bureaucratic rules and regulations?

We have been brainwashed into thinking that artifical  trim lawns of grass are extremely much so that we will spray this grass with poisonous herbicides and pesticides. What does green grass actually do for us in the larger scheme of things? We are often reluctant to plant a vegetable garden in our front lawn......after all...what would the neighbors say? It seems ok to plant flowers but oh dear.....vegetables are a little bit more unruly!  It's interesting to consider what some of our most nutritious greens are. Chickweed, dandelion, purselane, and violet leaves and flowers are just some of these natural gifts which grow without effort in our yard. These greens are extremely nutritious and have not yet been genetically engineered. They are free and can be cooked or eaten in salads. Hmmmm....maybe that's the problem...... if we grow much of our own food or forage our lawns and woods for food that is free, then not only are we more independant but we will most likely be healthier due to the excercise and the consumption of healthier food. This would take profit away from Big Agriculture and from the Medical Industrial Complex.

History shows us that when the food supply becomes centralized the political system arranges itself into a feudalistic society where we have the overlords and the serfs....and not much inbetween.Whoever controls the food supply controls the people. The video below is just one example of an extremely dangerous and rapidly growing trend. Protesting, signing petitions...etc....will probably do little good. We need to take action. Begin now learning to grow your own food. Plant fruit trees and bushes instead of ornamentals.... and if you don't even have a balcony in the city for growing veggies in your local farmers. Learn how to raise mushrooms. Start a  stinging nettle or bee balm patch to make medicinal teas with. Let the wild rasberries grow on the edges of your yard. Last year I planted a few commercial raspberry plants but they haven't really done much. We had cut some tree branches down on the side of our yard and this year.... in that spot..... we had the most bountiful crop of strawberries which the birds must have planted (photo above). Let's dare to be different and share our enthusiasm with neighbors. Convince others that growing our own food or buying from local farmers is much trendier than buying it in the grocery store. Don't waste too much time on petitions and protests...especially if they are in lieu of actual ACTION. Maybe if we change our priorities, we won't need two or more jobs per household. Serfdom has taken on a more modern appearance. Don't be fooled!


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