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Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food
Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Friday, March 11, 2011


The article at the bottom link talks about the U.N., stating that in order to feed the world we need to increase our small scale farming.This is what many of us wanted to hear...because it really is the only solution to our depleted soil conditions and saturation of pesticides.However, I think I am being a realist and not a pessimist when I caution about the following.

Feudalism can become a very real problem when the U.N or a particular country organizes a system of agriculture. We need to push forward with the idea that anyone who has even a little bit of land should begin producing at least some of their own food but at the same time we need to resist government or UN interference with our personal food production. The first thing I envisioned when I read about the UN making this declaration was mandatory laws being enacted requiring people to give over portions of their food for "the good of the whole", high land taxes, monitoring of our gardens through the global positioning system, telling us what we can and cannot grow...etc. Here is a description of Feudalism

And here is the article concerning the U.N and their declaration

Its almost as if the timing of this  announcement is coinciding with earthquakes, storms, droughts...etc that may be orchestrated, along with other disasters, threats or predicitons, wars, removal of rights...etc. This is why we cannot be too ready to jump at solutions. We need to carefully evaluate and look before we leap. Often crises are intentionally created for the purpose of furthering specific agendas. Weather warfare and tectonic weapons are now technological realities. We need to keep this in mind if we notice that the speed of disasters is being ramped up.

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