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Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food
Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Sunday, January 16, 2011


 Jets Systematically Forming A Cloud Bank In CT on Jan 15, 2011
This morning I found the news article below in my email. The main thrust of the article is that humans often complain when confronted with floods, fires, hurricanes etc.....but that instead of blaming it on nature and calling it a "Natural Disaster"...we should see how we have caused the disaster by not respecting nature.

It is true that cutting down massive amounts of rainforest and other large scale destruction of nature can most likely have an effect on the weather. The author of the article at the link above also speaks of how stupid people are to build their homes on the sides of mountains, in flood plains and directly on the waterfront.Then when their homes are destroyed they cry out why...why? These statements do have some validity......however, the author seems to have left out an extremely important and evolving issue. That issue is weather warfare. People who don't think that governments currently have the ability to control much of the weather and set off earthquakes and possibly volcanoes...need to read Weather Warfare

The latest trend in extreme environmentalism is to blame the public at large for all of our environmental/weather problems. While we most definitely need to "clean up our act".....we need to focus our attention on what forces are leading us to our own destruction and enslavement. The very World Movers and Shakers who contend that they are trying to save the environment are often the ones who are destroying it. For example, it has been reported that current technology can melt the polar icecaps and an article from  North Carolina newspaper, written back in the 80s, speaks of The Soviet Union's desire to melt their polar icecaps so they could have access to more of the area's natural resources.I have included that newspaper report in the following article Weather Warfare or Global Warming

Another point I would like to make is that the rate of the so called natural disasters is coinciding with the unnatural rate of disastrous events all over the world. They are working towards a cresendo of chaos to bring us to our knees. We need to recognize what events are being orchestrated for the purpose of global control. The United Nations is working towards this total globalization power don't be fooled by proposed enviromental laws that will supposedly save us all when the goal is to enslave us all.If you will notice ....the "alien"(outerspace aliens) agenda is also increasing at the same time. A recent news article mentions that the United Nations is preparing for a "first encounter". Will there be an orchestrated invasion using Star Wars Technology? Be Vigilant
Recently I have read comments by those who are pushing the global warming scenerio and want to issue carbon taxes...etc...that because of the melting of the polar icecaps in the northern regions, there is now an opening of the trade routes and a much greater access to natural resources...such as oil. Is global warming a cover story for the intentional melting of the icecaps....for financial gain? Is the blame being placed on citizens in general for the purpose of taking the focus away from the real most dangerous perpetrators? Yes, we all have a responsibility to care for our environment but first let's see what is really going on!
I recommend 2 books on this subject Angels Don't Play This HAARP and Weather Warfare

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