Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food
Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food

Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Our food system has become far too centralized to adequately sustain the health of the population. Our soil has become depleted by using chemical fertilzers instead of natural organic fertilizer. Our food and soil has become contaminated by constantly applying pesticides to make up for the poor resistance of the plants due to the undernourished soil.

Corporate government is seriously discouraging the small farmer for the purpose of gaining total control over the people by controlling the food supply. If we continue to depend on this centralized system for our nourishment, at some point the whole system will collapse and or the population will become increasingly disabled due to lack of vitamins and minerals in the food.

Most of us still have the opportunity to grow at least some of our own food...even if it's mushrooms and sprouts inside the house. There are plans in the works to take away the right to grow our own before we become even more entrapped into this system we need to recognize the benefits and  the priviledge...or rather God given right to supply our own sustenance and take advantage of it. You can start in small ways and because small successes build can expand and progress at your own speed while having fun at the same time. Gardening can be very gratifying, great excercise and nourishing...physically and spiritually. It can help save the planet and our freedom.                                                     

The video below is one small example of a woman who wanted to see how much she could grow on her small plot of land and how she could share this exciting practical knowledge with others. Have we been conditioned to think green grass with chemicals all over the ultimate goal? When we examine this idea more carefully, we will see that chemically formulated green grass is actually destroying our freedom. Whoever controls the food supply controls the people. If you do live in the city and can only grow herbs or tomatoes on your balcony....then you can still encourage a more sustainable food system by buying from local farmers.

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