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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


When we hear of genetic screening to find out if fetuses have certain diseases, it can sound benign and humane. But let's analyze it a bit more. What is it really about? Is it about saving some of the despair that a child might encounter with an irreversible condition? Is it to release parents from having to deal with a handicapped child? Is eugenics a push to spare economic resources? What about population control? We are told that  handicapped children place  a burden on society, the parents, and that the supposed handicapped fetus would probably not want to be born anyway. Of course genetic testing and abortion are not labeled as eugenics because then less people would go along with this needless and selfish genocidal movement.

 However,I do agree that there are concerns that need to be addressed. There are far too many handicapped and chronically ill  people and this is not normal. I feel that the answer does not lie in killing off the INCREASING numbers of what might be termed  as "subnormal" people...but to find out WHY a growing number of people are being born with handicaps. Nature or God created the universe in perfect balance. The beauty, perfection and broadness of this creation is beyond our conceptual ability.It's when we deviate from the laws of nature that we begin to have serious problems. The further we stray from the natural order of things, the more serious our situation becomes.

Instead of continuing our destructive path to possible human extinction and killing vast numbers of people as we go, to me it is much more humane, loving, sensible, economical and in tune with get to the ROOT of the problem. The books Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration hold the keys to the increased physical, mental and spiritual health of ourselves, our families and society as a whole. Please read their reviews and learn why this statement is true. These books are not just a collection of philosophical ideas...but they contain real practical answers. If we can spend more of our time and energy learning how to live in harmony with God's creation, there will be increased health, fewer abberant personalities that want power and control and conditions such as Down's Syndrome (spoken of below) would substantially decrease. One part of the book...Nutrition and Physical Degeneration  speaks of Down's syndrome and the possible reasons why children are born this way. One scientific observation is that children born to older women have more of a chance of presenting with this handicap.The reason given in the above books is that when women are older and may have had previous children....the nutrient stores in their bodies have become depleted and therefore there is less available to form healthy robust children. Our diet affects and determines our genetics.Certain cultures would not allow women to marry until after they spent a year of eating special nutrient dense foods. They knew that in order for them to survive, they needed the correct building blocks for a solid genetic inheritance. Let's dispense with our huge egos and learn from our ancestors how to be healthy, happy and productive

My Review of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

My Review of Deep Nutrition

I would strongly advise that these books be read and studied by Policy Makers, researchers, doctors, nutritionists and just about anyone who wants to feel better and produce mentally and physically sound children. This is what will truly help our world. The knowledge in these books helps us to employ humane Eugenics.Eugenics doesn't have to be a negative's real original meaning is only the creation of healthy children.... which of course is a worthy objective.

NZ government engaged in eugenics
By Eric Smith
Submitted: Fri, 01/10/2010 -

The New Zealand Government is engaged in what only can be termed 'soft eugenics' with a government 'Down Syndrome Screening' program touted to result in an increased number of abortions.

Back in February this year, the NZ Government instituted the so-called "Antenatal Screening for Down Syndrome and Other Conditions - Quality Improvements" programme.

It was presented simply as "an expanded, safer screening programme to detect Down syndrome during pregnancy" and recieved little press attention.

However, pro-life sources in NZ have obtained, under the NZ Official Information Act, documents that state the outcomes of the programme will be a reduction in the number of births of babies with Down syndrome, with some 90 per cent of unborn children diagnosed with the condition being aborted.

Further, and more shocking, the documents state:

"the [Down syndrome screening] programme will be cost beneficial for the population and the health system ... the economic costs of screening outweigh the high costs associated with the long-term care needs of an individual with Down syndrome."

The programme is funded by the state and targets all pregnant women in New Zealand in their first trimester.

Pro-lifers say that people with disabilities are the only group targeted for selective abortion under the program. Down syndrome and other conditions targeted are genetic conditions that have no cure.

"This is eugenics," says Ken Orr, spokesman for NZ Right to Life, "which proclaims that only the perfect have a right to be born. The screening programme is a search and destroy mission and is a further major step on a slippery slope ... we should be aware that this is part of a strategy of social conditioning."

"It seems obvious to me that the basis of first-trimester screening is to enable women to have an abortion within the 20-week timeframe if an abnormality is detected, since other reasons for prenatal diagnoses are left until the later stages of pregnancy."

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