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Sunday, October 17, 2010


The speech below was given by Ronald Reagan back in 1961.Now...while I agree with Reagan's points in the audio below, he was an actor and he was backed by certain financial any other president.Perhaps he was backed by corporations that were not yet well integrated into the government they appear to be now. I really do not know much about the details of economic structure but I am pretty sure that Reagan would not have become president if he was not representing certain powers.So...despite that disclaimer, what he is saying below is true about government run health care.

I have to go back to Michael Moore again as an example of manipulation and partial truths.When it comes to health care and how to fix it, he is not addressing the main point and on top of that he is twisting the facts. Moore does not address the reasons for our diseased society. Instead, he is focusing on the tactic of "Problem, Reaction, Solution." Governments/Corporations use this tactic when trying to manipulate society to accept their end or goal. Many times a problem or crisis is created by those in power. When the people finally get "up in arms" about a specific created problem......then a solution is craftily introduced. This solution is made to appear to be for the advantage of the people and is often introduced by "controlled opposition". Because it appears as if the controlled opposition is opposing the "bad forces" (in this case the corporations) the people then rally behind the controlled opposition and begin to accept the orchestrated their own idea and then they clamor for it. In this's socialized medicine or complete government run healthcare.Moore acts as if he is against the big bad corporations and for the people. He tells us that if the government takes control of our health, then we will be safe and free from the control of the corporations. What he doesn't tell you is that the government and the corporations are now one and the same. They are intertwined. This is called Corporate Fascism. What Moore is actually advocating is MORE control over our health by the corporations.

The main I see it....with our healthcare crisis....has more to do with the intentional promotion of a sickly society than it has to do with how we handle this sickly population once it is created.Government nutritional advice is telling us to lower our salt intake, lower our saturated fat and protein intake,and to raise our carbohydrate intake. All of this "advice" is detrimental, as researchers are discovering. Government allows fluoride in the water supplies, aspartame in food and drink. Government allows toxic materials to be present in vaccines and then promotes them. Government is ruling that many natural foods be heat treated ....which then destroys many of the food's life giving properties. Government/Corporations are genetically engineering microbes and our food and as a result they may also be manipulating our DNA.

Once the population becomes weak and ill....and dependant on medications...then the people are basically at the mercy of those who have created the problem. While we do have to figure out a way to care for those who have already been made the government/corporations even more control over our health, is not the answer. Let's try to focus more on the reasons WHY our nation and the world is becoming so disabled and then hopefully the solutions will be more clearly defined....and they will then be truly OUR solutions instead of the solutions of those who want power and control. We have to learn to be able to discern the truth from the lies. Only God or the "Divine Intelligence" can help us with this monumental task. So, let's tune into God's guidance and shine some "Light" on this situation.

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