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Saturday, July 10, 2010


They call the pyramid above, the Diabetes Food Pyramid. Maybe they call it that because it causes diabetes

Current dietary guidelines place far too much emphasis on grains, and beans and discourage the use of saturated fats and organ meats. Many are beginning to connect this poor advice to the diabetes explosion we are experiencing.We are told that saturated fats clog our arteries and organ meats are toxic because they accumulate the poisons. Perhaps eating the organs of factory farm animals is not a good idea but meat, fat and organs from grassfed animals are super nutrient dense foods which contain converted substances from the vegetation that they consume. These converted substances are easier for us to digest and assimilate than the forage itself. Below is a doctor speaking out against the current guidelines ...which he believes are causing much sickness and infertility. There are two more testimonies at the following link  


July 8, 2010

By Dr. John Salerno and Linda West Eckhardt, Founders – The Silver Cloud Diet

The proposed 2010 Dietary Guidelines continue the misguided shibboleths against saturated fats and animal foods rich in nutrient dense fatty acids, including egg yolks, butter, cream, whole milk, cheese and fatty meats including bacon as well as animal fats for cooking. In my 20 year practice of medicine in New York City, I have treated many patients whose health had been severely compromised by excluding these necessary nutrients in their daily diet. It is my experience, backed up by scientific studies, that low fat diets have caused many of today’s lifestyle ailments including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Basic biochemistry shows that the human body has a high requirement for saturated fats in the cell membranes, brain and other organs. If we do not eat saturated fats, the body makes fat from refined carbohydrates, leading to rapid weight gain and chronic illness.

The proposed guidelines will exacerbate existing nutrient deficiencies that I see in my practice every day. Common deficiencies in vitamins A, D, K2 and E which are found in animal fats, vitamins B12 and B6, found in animal foods, as well as minerals including iron, calcium and zinc which require vitamins A and D for assimilation. It is my experience that these deficiencies can be easily corrected by a proper diet of whole foods, organic if possible, with naturally occurring animal fats. (give anecdote here)

I have seen, in my practice, children as young as 8 years old, suffering from type 2 diabetes, an ailment that used to be seen only in later middle age. Why are these children getting diabetes? Low fat milk, soy milk, apple juice, too many processed carbohydrates, and insufficient natural animal fats. Fortunately, type 2 diabetes can be stopped in its tracks by a radical shift in the diet. Give those children whole milk, plenty of protein and natural animal fats, get the sugars out of their diets, and their diabetes will correct itself, their weight will normalize and they will be healthy.

Our misguided dietary public policy has created a society of very sick people. For the first time in history we see a generation who may not live as long as its parents. Particularly in the lower classes without access to healthy, whole foods, we are creating a society of people who will not be well, who will require huge public assistance and health care, and all of it could be alleviated by a proper diet.

From the viewpoint of a practicing physician, I can tell you that our industrial food complex, in concert with big pharma have colluded to create a society where people eat nutrient-empty processed foods, and are than given an ever larger regimen of pharmaceuticals to try and turn back the inevitable ill health and death that awaits them.

What should the Food Pyramid look like? I have brought along a food pyramid that I designed when I was working as a young doctor in Dr. Robert Atkins office. You will see the differences in our Food Pyramid and the USDA’s version. (show the pyramid).

Besides the fact that our enormously powerful industrial food/farming lobby has exercised great control over public policy for at least twenty years, since I have been observing it, the results, in the time that I have been practicing medicine, have been dreadful.

When I was a boy, growing up in an Italian American family, my grandfather had a big vegetable garden out back that fed our family. He lived to be 95 years old and was strong and active until the day he died. I try to feed my family, whole, organic foods to this day. My six year old son, rides with me in bicycle races for as much as 45 miles at a time. This child is healthy, vigorous, and cheerful. I feed him….

Is it impossible that Americans could eat as well as their grandparents? Not at all. With the growing movement towards healthier whole foods being presented not only at home, but in public schools, institutions, and food service operations, Americans are beginning to get it.

At The Silver Cloud Diet we particularly recognize the need for saturated fats, for health, long life, and weight loss. Saturated fats fight inflammation, support the immune system, support hormone production and protect against cancer and heart disease.

Last but not least what I see in my practice that is most heartbreaking is the rising tide of infertility. Now that we have an entire generation of young women who have practically grown up eating a low fat diet, we see a pandemic of infertility. The simple truth is that vitamins carried in saturated animal fats are critical to reproduction. The 2010 Guidelines proposed by the USDA will increase infertility in this country. This is tragic and entirely avoidable.

The knee-jerk recommendation to eat more whole grains, does not take into account the fact that whole grains are extremely difficult to digest and an overconsumption of rough whole grains can contribute to digestive disorders such as celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

The Silver Cloud Diet recommends that people eat a diet of whole, unprocessed foods, organic if possible, that provide an abundance of nutrients chosen from the following groups:

Animal foods: meat and organ meats, poultry and eggs from pastured animals, wild caught fish and shell fish, whole raw cheeses, milk and other dairy products from pastured animals.

Fats and oils: unrefined saturated and monounsaturated fats including butter, lard, olive oil, cod liver oil and coconut and palm oil.

Fruits and Vegetables. Fresh, organic if possible, preferably locally grown, either raw or cooked into soups and stews

Nuts, legumes, and grains. Eat a handful of nuts daily for vitamin E and trace minerals. Once goal weight is reached eat beans and lentils, brown rice, and whole grain cooked cereals for breakfast.

We do not recommend processed foods with long lists of ingredient including chemicals you cannot pronounce. No refined sweeteners including candy, soda, cookies, crackers,cakes, chips or other snacks. Avoid white flour products such as pasta and white bread. Avoid processed foods including modern soy foods, polyunsaturated and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and fried foods.

As we say at the Silver Cloud Diet, take a giant leap backwards. Eat the way your grandparents ate. You take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

If you would like to know what your ancestors ate, why they ate it, how they prepared it and what their health was like, I would highly recommend two important classics...... 

You are going to hear me talk about these two books over and over again. I believe they hold the key to figuring out what BASIC type of diet humans really need and thrive on. Do yourself and your family a favor and read these two books.

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  1. The Natural Solutions Foundation, and seconds these comments. BRAVO!
    We support the right to choose, and the fundamental right to have access to, clean, unadulterated food, which means non irradiated, non-GMO (clearly labeled, which the FDA prohibits and which the European Parliament vacated the requirement for a few days ago), food without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, the right to chose or refuse vaccines, etc.

    We attend Codex meetings to bring you information on what the globalists would like to have go on behind closed doors. You can check out the daily video reports and blogs from the meeting which concluded July 9, 2010 in Geneva Switzerland.

    Because we believe that clean, unadulterated food is so important, we have created an Eco Demonstration Project in which many people are able to participate We are creating a toxin-free food supply and we are now producing our own toxin-free coffee at our Eco Demonstration Project in Panama. Health freedom's own GMO-free, toxin-free coffee can be seen - and purchased - at We are teaching other farmers around the world to grow clean food at the same time.

    Health freedom IS our first freedom because without it, we are all slaves - people whose bodies are controlled by others.

    But this awareness requires more than simple assertion, growing your own food and purchasing clean products. Since the assault on our health and freedom are so vigorous and multi-focal, it requires that each of us become a health freedom warrior, riding the "Freedom Mouse" by taking Action Items at or to make our wishes and our requirements for our health freedom very clear to decision makers - in large numbers.

    When you do that, either by visiting the site often or by signing up for the free, secure Health Freedom Action eAlert at, you become part of the largest pro-health freedom contingent - and voice - in the world, creating massive Push Back. And Push Back works!

    You can also listen every Sunday night (or in the archives) to the Dr. Rima Reports from 9 PM to Midnight Eastern Standard Time at From 11 PM to midnight The Doctor Is IN! and you can call in your health or your health freedom questions at 347-324-3703. You can also sign up for the chat room at and share your questions and comments with us during the show via chat. Or do both!

    Tonight's guest is Attorney Alan J. Phillips, JD, and expert on vaccine exemptions. He'll be talking about how to handle the situation when parents disagree on vaccines for their kids and other powerful issues.

    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director
    Natural Solutions Foundation